"My goal is to teach life lessons through tennis. Commitment, responsibility, and hard work are all ingredients that help you become a successful player, but more importantly, a successful person."

​- Johnny Allen

Changing Lives Through Tennis

Johnny Allen had a vision of giving families a high quality tennis academy at affordable pricing. He played many different sports as a young man, and competed at a collegiate level in tennis.

​But growing up without a lot of money made reaching the higher levels of tennis a very costly path to travel. So, after competing in college and coaching tennis professionally, he decided to turn his vision into a reality.

Johnny Allen believes tennis should be available to every child with a dream to play. Now, he and his staff implement his fun and innovative training system every day, and one that parents can actually afford. Johnny's dream of tennis instruction being accessible for every young tennis player has now finally come true.

In 2003, Johnny Allen launched his academy in Walnut, California, with his vision of bringing an affordable, high quality tennis academy, league and camps to Southern California families. Johnny takes pride in being a tennis innovator. His academy offers a rocking tennis experience, with music playing every class. His league is very interactive, offering novice players lots of help towards competitive play. Johnny has also designed his tennis camps into a fully loaded tennis adventure.

With the passion and energy that he brings to Johnny Allen Tennis each and every day, the academy has soon turned into many locations, with a staff of up to 25+ professional coaches. Johnny Allen Tennis is now one of the largest tennis academies in Southern California.

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