Tiny Aces

Ages 3-5

In this exciting introduction to the world of tennis, sports, and all-around athleticism, your child will engage in delightful games crafted to boost their hand-eye coordination, balance, and ignite a lifelong love for tennis. Our friendly staff is dedicated to creating a positively playful environment, ensuring every tiny tot on the court leaves with a big smile and a budding passion for the game!

  • Fun Introduction to Tennis
  • Development of Motor Skills
  • Lifelong Love for Sports Environment
  • Tailored for Little Ones
  • Builds Early Confidence & Self Esteem
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Little Aces

Ages 6-8

We believe that learning tennis should be a blast, and in this class, your little ones will discover the magic of athletic confidence through the joy of tennis. With the four major strokes on the agenda, upbeat tunes filling the air, and a ton of innovative drills and games, get ready for your mini Aces to build a solid tennis foundation while having a ball on the court!

  • Transformative Tennis Experience
  • Joyful Learning Environment
  • Comprehensive Stroke Development
  • Energetic Atmosphere
  • Innovative Drills & Games
  • Solid Tennis Foundation
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Junior Aces

Ages 9-12

Whether you're a budding pro or just getting the hang of the game, this class is your ticket to tennis excellence. Dive into the world of four major strokes with specially designed drills and games, groove to lively tunes, and get ready to conquer the court with improved technique, spin, placement, and a whole lot of high-energy fun!

  • Inclusive for All Skill Levels
  • Gateway to Tennis Excellence
  • Comprehensive Stroke Training
  • Lively & Energetic Atmosphere
  • Skill Enhancement
  • Improve through Fun Games & Drills
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High School Aces

Ages 13-17

Whether you're preparing for tournaments, high school matches, or just want to up your tennis game, this class is your ace in the hole. Get ready to groove to the rhythm of fun and exciting music while mastering advanced strategies in singles and doubles, building confidence through match play situations, and unleashing your inner tennis champion!

  • Compatible with All Skill Levels
  • Preparation for Tournaments & High School Team
  • Dynamic & Engaging Atmosphere
  • Mastering Advanced Singles & Doubles Strategies
  • Confidence Building Through Live Play
  • Improve Skills & Fitness
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Adult Cardio Tennis

Ages 18+

Join our Adult Cardio Tennis Class for a high-energy fusion of fast-paced drills, upbeat tunes, and a whole lot of fun on the court! Whether you're looking to polish your tennis skills, burn some calories, or make new friends, this program is your ticket to a fitness-packed, racquet-swinging good time. Get ready to unleash your inner tennis beast while keeping those feet moving and grooving – it's tennis and a workout rolled into one, designed to elevate both your game and your spirits!

  • High-Energy Tennis & Music Fusion
  • Holistic Fitness Experience
  • Improve Tennis Skills
  • Stay Healthy & Active
  • Make Friends, Burn Calories
  • Unleash Your Tennis Beast
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