Stuff Happens

As you know, we can't always control the weather or some other unforeseen situations, but, we can let you know what to expect if your class happens to get canceled.

Luckily, it doesn't rain too much here in Southern California, so we are fortunate to rarely have to cancel too many classes.

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Got a question about our Makeup Policy?

Why is my class canceled?

Classes can get canceled due to many reasons, including rain, wind, snow, heat, air quality, and even because a coach is having car issues. Once we know a class is canceled, a message will be sent to the participating students in the class. You can also find weather alerts and class cancelation info on our Home page during these situations.

My class is canceled... Now what?

Once your class is canceled, you will be officially owed a makeup class. That makeup class will usually be scheduled within a week or two of the missed class.

When is my makeup class?

We usually announce a makeup class date within a week or two of the missed class. We will send a message to all participants announcing the newly scheduled makeup class. You may also check the Upcoming Makeup Classes page for all scheduled makeup classes.

Do I get a makeup class if I did not show up to a class?

No, we only scheduled makeup classes for classes that are canceled due to weather, or unforeseen situations. If you decide to individually miss a class for any reason, a makeup class will not be available and that class will be lost.

Can I get my owed class by coming out on an extra day?

Yes, you can also receive your makeup class by attending the same type of class on another day of the week that you are not signed up for during that session. For example: If you attend the 6-7pm Junior Aces classes on Mondays and Wednesdays in Chino and your last class was canceled... Then, you can attend the Friday 6-7pm class the following week, along with your regularly scheduled Monday and Wednesday classes.

Can I get my owed class by going to another location?

No, each location schedules its own makeup classes and students are required to attend the makeup class designated for their specific class and location.

What if I cannot attend the makeup class?

Everyone has different schedules, and available days, but unfortunately, we cannot always accommodate everyone's preferences. We can only choose one makeup day, and if you are unable to attend, it will be lost.

Can I save up makeup days and use them later?

No, your makeup class will be scheduled as your one opportunity to recover your missed class. You may also attend the same type of class on an extra day you are not signed up for during that session.

Can I get a partial refund instead of a makeup class?

We do not offer any refunds because we will always attempt to make a makeup class available for the students that are owed. If you cannot attend the scheduled makeup class, you are welcome to contact the city and ask for a partial refund. Most cities do not issue refunds, but may make an occasional exception based on the situation.

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