Learn our system

Learn And Implement Our Academy System

Coaches must know registration procedure, class pricing, weekly themes and class schedule. All coaches must follow stretching routines, warm up exercises, drills and games.

​"It is very important for us to give our customers the same quality tennis experience and standards no matter what location they choose." - Johnny Allen

All courts work together

All Courts Run Same/Similar Drills, Games And Schedule

Each court must be running the same or similar (depending on player levels) drill or game during class. Every drill on each court must stop and start at the same time with rest breaks done with all the students, on all courts, together between drills and games. The head coach is responsible for directing and scheduling all drills and games.

"Every court should be on the same page, with all of our students practicing the same stroke. We should look and feel like a team or a family out there." - Johnny Allen

Improvement is key

Our Students Will Improve

Coaches are responsible for their students' progress. Proper technique, grips and movement must be taught and enforced on all strokes.

"Tennis teaching techniques can vary and change, but there is one constant rule... If the student doesn't improve, they will leave." - Johnny Allen

Attitude is everything

Be Enthusiastic About Teaching Tennis

Coaches are responsible for bringing energy and excitement to each class. Coaches must remain friendly and outgoing with each student and their parents. It is the responsibility of the coach to provide a caring and positive atmosphere.

"If we are not in love with tennis, then the student will never be" - Johnny Allen

Care about your students

Develop Relationships With Our Parents And Their Children

Every Coach should make it a priority to get to know and learn about each student and their parents. From day one, our coaches should introduce themselves and welcome each student and their parents to our academy. That relationship should be fostered by our coaches every class with ongoing discussions with parents about their child's progress and their tennis goals. Each coach is required to give a verbal progress report to parents during our mandatory parent/student meeting the last 10 minutes of the final class each session.

"This may be the most important factor in our ability to keep our students happy and returning." - Johnny Allen

No pay... No play

Every Student Must Be Registered

We will continue to send our head coaches rosters throughout the session until everyone is signed up and accounted for. Coaches must enforce our policy of not allowing any student to play without being registered on the roster we send, or without a receipt or proof of payment. All coaches must stay in communication with us about rosters and students not yet signed up. The only exception to this policy are students who have free passes. They will be allowed to participate in class if they have signed the waiver, but do not need to be on the roster.

"This is a crucial responsibility of our coaches. If we ever have any students not registered by the first day of class, they will not be allowed to play." - Johnny Allen

Promote and grow

Always Push Our Current Promotional Activities

Coaches are required to distribute promotional materials such as registration forms, welcome sheets and other flyers. Our coaches must know about and promote extracurricular activities such as class registration process, Bring A Friend Contests, leagues, camps, field trips, graduating students, selling t-shirts, stringing rackets, special discounts, etc.

"The health and success of our academy depends on us encouraging our students and parents to always get more involved." - Johnny Allen

Keep the classes movin' and groovin'

Music Is To Be Played Throughout Designated Classes

Most of our classes and camps are infused with music. It is our head coaches' responsibility to play music from our designated playlists on our website, and from our stereo during all classes, except for the Tiny Aces (Ages 3-5) classes. The stereo should be placed near the net post and the music should be played loud enough that each side of the court can listen to it clearly. The head coach must play the music during the entire class, but may be turned down to talk to a group of students, or parents. After class, please remember to keep the stereos charged and ready for the next class.

"We believe tennis should be exciting, affordable and accessible for every child. The music keeps a lively, upbeat atmosphere. Hopefully we are helping to shatter the perception that tennis should only be played at fancy country clubs, wearing white-collared shirts and whispering politely in a British accent." - Johnny Allen

Never leave a student behind

Coaches Must Stay Until Last Student Is Picked Up

If a child has still not been picked up after class, it is that coach's responsibility to wait with the child. You may attempt to call the parents to find out when they will be there. If over an hour passes and a coach cannot make contact with the parents, please contact us immediately. You may also contact the local police department in that situation. Under no circumstances are our coaches allowed to give any student a ride home or anywhere else. ​

"The safety of our students is our highest priority." - Johnny Allen



Must honor schedule

All Coaches Must Show Up

Coaches will be contacted on Sundays to agree upon the upcoming week's schedule. If a coach cannot do an upcoming class, they must immediately contact us with any issues regarding schedule.

"Please alert us immediately if you cannot coach a class. The later you let us know, the tougher it is find a replacement coach. Thanks!" - Johnny Allen

Don't be late

Classes Must Start On Time

Coaches are responsible for showing up early enough to have everything set up and ready to go the minute class starts. If running late, even one minute, you must immediately alert us.

"When a coach is running late for a class, it sends a clear message to our customers that the class is not important enough for us to show up on time. No parent will sign up again for an unprofessional or uncaring program." - Johnny Allen

Stay in touch

Keep Us Updated

All coaches must stay in communication with us about rosters and students not yet signed up. Coaches should also stay in contact about class numbers, court maintenance or repairs, student/parent complaints, issues with the public, and all other matters pertinent to our program.

"For the academy to run smoothly it is vital that coaches return phone calls, texts or emails promptly as some academy issues must be resolved quickly." - Johnny Allen

Growth is the goal

Head Coaches Are Responsible For The Growth Of Their Location

Head coaches will be accountable for keeping students in the program and increasing the size of the classes. Head coaches must keep their student loss percentage near 25% only each session. Head coaches must also heavily push our current promotions to increase numbers as well. They are also responsible for keeping it fun and effective, and inspiring their students and parents to continue to sign up and improve with us.

"We respect every coach and their contributions to the sport. But we are in the business of growing the game and sharing tennis with as many children as possible. If we are unable to get our students to fall in love with the sport and continue to play, then we are not doing our job" - Johnny Allen

Fingerprinting / Background check

This May Be Required

Before coaching in certain cities, you must clear a fingerprinting and/or background checking process. It is the responsibility of each coach to schedule a fingerprinting appointment and cover any costs incurred from the process. 

"Each city has a different policy. Some cities do it for free, some charge, and some don't require it at all." - Johnny Allen


You Are Responsible For Our Equipment

It is the coaches' requirement to have all equipment and supplies organized and ready to go before class starts. Equipment may or may not (depending on whether a head coach or academy coach) include basket of balls, cones, stereo, and a first aid kit. If you are ever running low on equipment, immediately alert us.

"Most of our classes are held at local parks and public sports complexes, and there are no storage facilities so our coaches will have to hold onto the equipment." - Johnny Allen

Tax info


All coaches are Independent Contractors and will receive a 1099 form for tax purposes, at the end of the year. This means you will receive 100% of the money you earned for your hours on each paycheck. It is your responsibility to pay any and all taxes owed.

"I am in no way a tax expert, but I would recommend holding onto receipts in case you may be able to write them off as expenses during tax time." - Johnny Allen


Energy & Attitude

Spreading tennis love

We Are Ambassadors To The Sport Of Tennis

Our coaches should create a positive and safe environment for our students to learn to play and fall in love with tennis. Our feedback to our students and parents should be motivating and inspiring. We must keep our instruction honest and constructive, but never negative. Encouragement and high fives should be in abundance.

​"A child's confidence is like a flame. If properly stoked, can one day ignite into a firestorm of success. But that flame can be delicate, and it can be snuffed out by even the slightest breeze of negativity." - Johnny Allen

Our students will improve

We Challenge Our Students To Be Their Best

As coaches, we must keep very high standards and expectations for our students. Poor technique, footwork, balance, movement or intensity cannot be accepted and must always be corrected. We cannot look the other way when we spot bad habits.

"The worst thing we can do as coaches is to see bad technique and ignore it. It is a disservice to the student, the academy and the sport, and we just cannot allow it." - Johnny Allen

We create a proper learning environment

We Are Responsible For A Productive Atmosphere

It is up to our coaches to set a proper mood and effective environment for our students to play, have fun and want to improve. It is a responsibility of our coaches to find the right balance between fun playing and serious training. If the balance is off, it will be very apparent to all.

"Coaching is about leadership, and every student wants to find a successful path. If you lead them with passion and purpose, they will follow you down that path." - Johnny Allen

You are in charge

Stay In Control Of Your Class

All coaches must have a handle on the students in every drill and game. Coaches should always display a positive and dominant presence on the court and be in total control of each student's behavior, intensity and focus. Drills, games and overall class schedule should be followed and implemented to keep the class moving quickly and effectively. If you encounter any students with disruptive, disrespectful or poor behavior, you may verbally warn or reprimand them. You may also sit them out temporarily or until the end of class. You may also talk to their parents about their behavior.

"You are the star of the show on your court. The master of ceremonies. Remember, when the stage is empty, the audience pays no attention." - Johnny Allen

Stay positive, no matter what

Always Stay Positive And Keep Encouraging

Coaches should be positive at all times, even though it may be tough sometimes. Once in a while, you may encounter problems with parents, students and even the public. If a problem is too great to handle, it is the coaches' responsibility to alert us, or in an emergency, dial 911.

"When little Nathan hits 73 balls over the fence in one class, keep smiling." - Johnny Allen



Look like a pro

Look Professional, Be Professional

Our coaches are to wear our academy apparel with proper tennis clothing and shoes while coaching. Our image to the students and their parents is very important, and shows off our professionalism and respect for the game.

"Imagine your own child showing up to their very first tennis class. Would it matter to you if the coach was wearing jeans and sandals? I would guess that you would probably prefer a coach who looks like they belong on a tennis court." - Johnny Allen

Come to class prepared

Be Ready To Go

All of our equipment should be set up and ready to go the moment the class starts. This is an extremely important gesture that shows the parents and students that the class is important to us. The baskets and cones should be set up on each court, flyers ready to be passed out, and the Babolat banner should be up prior to starting the classes.

"This really goes a long way to show our parents and students how much we care about them and that we take pride in the job we do." - Johnny Allen

Stay organized

Be Professional And Organized

Head coaches should always keep their equipment and online rosters ready for class. For example, before each class, all equipment must be set up and ready to go. All rosters should be pulled up on the Head Coach's device and ready to take roll, as well.

"Please show up early and come prepared for each class so that everyone gets the most out of it." - Johnny Allen