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Johnny Allen Tennis

Johnny Allen Tennis

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Official Full Size Racket

Elevate your young athlete's game with the official Johnny Allen Tennis Racket, specifically tailored for players aged 8 to adult. Engineered with precision and designed for optimal performance, this full-size 27" racket is the key to unlocking their potential on the court. Affordable and endorsed by the Johnny Allen, this is your chance to give your child the advantage they deserve as they start on their tennis journey.


Face Size: 100 square inches
Weight: 0.84 (lb) / 265 (g)
Length: 27" (in) / 68.58 (cm)
Material: Carbon Fiber
Brand: Johnny Allen Tennis
Colors: Black, Purple, Green, Blue
Frame Material: 100% full carbon fiber/graphite
Strings: Nylon
String Tension: 55-62 lbs
String Pattern 16x19
Grip Size: 4 3/8"