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1. Semi-Western

- Used for Forehand

- It is important that we teach our students this grip from day one

- Must be careful that the knuckle doesn't move too low, closing the racket face

2. Continental

- Used for Serve, Slice Backhand, Slice Forehand, Forehand Volley, Backhand Volley, Two Hand Backhand (right hand), and Overhead

- This is the most commonly used grip in tennis

- It is essential to teach this grip to our youngest players

3. Two Hand Backhand

- Right hand is in Continental grip

- Left hand is in Semi-Western grip

- Used for Two Hand Backhand

- Left hand controls shape of the swing

- Easiest version of the backhand to learn for young students

4. Eastern Backhand

- Used for One Hand Backhand

- We do not teach this to our younger players

- We should only teach this to our more advanced players, if they want to experiment with a new backhand