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Continental Grip

- Used for Serve

Toss and Backswing

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Toss and Backswing Details...

1. Head looking forward with eyes on the target.

2. Tossing arm is straight with inside of elbow faces up.

​3. Hand holds ball against racket throat or strings.

​4. Back foot sideways and parallel to baseline.

​5. Weight should begin on front foot with toes pointing to or near net post.

6. As weight shifts back, back hip begins to point out.

7. Hands begin to come apart as swing starts.

8. Hand drops to hip prior to toss.

​9. Weight shifts to back foot.

10. As weight shifts back, front foot opens up with heel on ground.

11. As racket rises, the palm and strings face down.

12. Shoulders begin to tilt to a steep angle.

13. Head and eyes go up looking for the ball, prior to toss.

​14. Tossing arm remains straight throughout toss.

15. Knees go into deep bend.

16. Racket head points straight up briefly before dropping into swing.

17. Tossing arm is now completely straight up.

18. Elbow is now bent at a 90 degree angle, up and off the body.

19. Chest and core coil slightly prior to swing.

20. Front hip should feel stretched out.

21. Knees are fully bent, ready to explode into stroke.

22. Feet can either slide together or stay apart before jump up into the serve. Either style is acceptable.

Swing and Contact Point

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Swing and Contact Point Details...

23. Racket head drops with edge up.

24. Chin and chest face up prior to swing.

25. Front foot explodes off the ground.

26. Chest leads up to ball as back is fully arched.

27. Butt cap faces up as racket drops.

28. Racket head drops and points to the ground prior to swinging up to the ball.

​29. Legs straighten out as legs jump off the ground.

30. Both feet rise off the ground.

31. Racket swings up to the ball leading with the butt cap and the edge up.

32. Tossing arm begins to tuck into body during the swing.

​33. While in the air, front foot turns to have toes pointing to net, allowing the hips and core to open up and rotate.

34. Racket is fully extended at the contact point.

​35. Hand and wrist open up allowing strings to hit ball squarely.

36. Arm is completely straight and reaching up to the contact point.

37. Chin, face and eyes are looking up to the contact point.

38. Arm is tucked into the body at the contact point allowing the racket to whip freely into the ball.

Follow Through

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Follow Through Details...

39. Wrist and forearm pronate and snap into ball.

40. Right shoulder is 'thrown' into shot.

41. Chin stays up keeping the eyes on the ball.

42. Core rotates into shot.

43. Hips are now open to target.

44. Wrist and forearm continue to pronate as arm drops.

45. Left shoulder rotates and becomes back shoulder.

46. Left foot now completely open with toes pointing to net.

47. Right shoulder fully rolls over.

48. Left shoulder fully rotates back as left arm starts coming off the body.

49. Racket swings to other side of the body.

50. Foot lands opened up pointing to net.

51. Back is nearly horizontal with body in "bow" position.

52. Chin remains up keeping the eyes on the ball.

53. Right leg finishes kicked up, high and bent.

54. Hips are bent and flexed.

​55. Racket is now fully on other side of the body.

56. All weight is on left leg and totally balanced in "bow" position.